the Shadow Cabinet

ONE YEAR: March 1, 2017 – March 1, 2018.
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Mission Statement

@ShadowingTrump brings together 21 policy experts into a ‘Shadow Cabinet” that debunks Trump & his Cabinet when they don’t lead but mislead. Sort of an online “Justice League” only instead of superheroes, we’re scholars, advocates and former public officials.

While President Trump of course has legal legitimacy to be president, he lacks moral legitimacy when he incessantly fabricates, distorts, denounces, misdirects, cherry-picks & self-enriches in an almost…


Meet the Cabinet

LARRY TRIBE: “I am enthusiastically participating in the Progressive Shadow Cabinet because no one of us can be as astute and wide-ranging as all of us — that is, our whole exceeds the sum of our parts. Ideally, our ensemble can best contain his lava of lies and disinformation.”


We The Constitution

Donald Trump believes not in the Rule of Law but rather the Law of Rulers, like himself. To both educate Americans and be a bulwark against his continuing contempt for law and norms, has launched to get Americans to be 21st Century founding Fathers/Mothers by signing the U. S. Constitution digitally on line. Go to to tell Trump to fulfill his oath to “faithfully execute the laws.”